Make your Dualco grease gun easier to fill.

Long-nose Dualco grease guns are one of the handiest tools for lubricating bikes, even if you don't need the needle tip for GreaseGuard hubs, headsets, pedals, etc. Many boutique brands of bicycle grease relabel various models of Dualco guns for their own lubricants, but what if you don't want to buy overpriced grease in tiny containers?

Most good industrial and auto greases don't come in three ounce cartridges or little plastic squeeze tubes, and filling a Dualco with a spoon is a pain. Instead, drill and tap the cast cap of the gun and you can thread in a standard automotive Zerk fitting so that it empties into the top of the gun next to the pump cylinder. (Be careful not to run into the mechanism of the gun, just through the casting.) Now you can refill the Dualco from a standard full-sized grease gun. It's quick, simple, keeps the grease inside the guns all the time to avoid contamination, and eliminates those annoying air pockets that cause the vacuume-primed models of Dualco to stop pumping grease occasionally after taking the cap off.

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