Faster Fender and Rack Mounting

If you frequently need to remove and re-mount your fenders and racks for travel, it can get very frustrating trying to hold all those parts in line while threading the screw through them and into the dropout. There's an easier way to do it.

Take a 25mm M5 screw and thread it through the eyelet from the inside, and tighten it down against the inside face of the eyelet. Thread a nut onto the screw from the outside and tighten it down against the outer face of the eyelet as a locknut.

Presto! A 20mm or so threaded stud on the dropout.

Put a stainless fender washer over the screw, then the fender stays, then another fender washer. This adds enough spacing to put low-rider hoops or rack stays on from above the fork blade without their having to bend around the stay. After the rack stays and/or hoop, put on a nylon-insert locknut to hold everything in place if you don't remove things very quickly. If you frequently take the racks and fenders off, use an M5 wing nut instead, to speed assembly/disassembly.

If you have unthreaded mid-fork low-rider mounts, you can do the same thing to create a mid-fork threaded stud for low-riders, with the nut on the outer face of the fork providing the needed standoff for bag clearance.

The same technique is also handy for the fork crown mount of the front fender if you use cantis and don't have an exposed brake bolt to hang the fender on.

This page written by Josh Putnam. Please feel free to email questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, etc.

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