Moscow 5 Rangefinder

The Moscow 5 is an improved copy of the Super Ikonta C,taking 6x9cm negatives on 120 rollfilm.

The Moscow 5 was the fifth, and last, in a series of copies made by the Krasnogorsk works, and was made in the late 1950s. The top of the camera body is flat, with a metal housing covering the whole rangefinder mechanism, unlike the Zeiss camera, which has a projection on top of the camera that tends to snag on close-fitting pockets while cycling.

The lens is an Induster 105mm f/3.5, coated, 4 elements in 3 groups. The shutter has Bulb and 1 to 1/250 speeds, and does include a flash sync terminal.

Seen here with a no.25 red filter, which I use with Konica 750 Infrared film, as well as with various more normal black and white films for increased sky contrast in landscapes. Since taking this picture of the Moscow, I modified a Cokin universal mounting ring to clamp onto the outside ring of the lens, so I can now use it with all the filters I have for my 35mm SLRs.

If you like old folding cameras like this, check out The Classic Camera,, an excellent reference page with illustrations and sample photos.

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