These webpages talk about a medium length bicycle tour that I made with Larry Leveen in August of 2000. The trip was originally going to be a ride from Bead Lake back to Seattle. At the last minute we reversed our plans, and biked from Winthrop to Bead Lake.

The trip was great, and we both feel that we found an ideal route for cycling across the state. The roads had almost no traffic and we got to scenery and towns that were off the beaten path. This trip was a fantastic 4 days of bicycling.

This trip report is longer and more detailed than normal to help others who are looking for a unique route across the state. A natural start the trip would be to take the North Cascades Highway across the Cascades.

The text on the following trip report was written while we were biking. The reports were written in the morning and usually describe the previous day's riding. On each page you'll also find a few photographs from that day's riding.

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