One of the few straight sections of road going up to Flowery Trail Pass.

Day 4: Chewelah to Bead Lake via Usk

50 miles
~3500ft climbing

We got a late start today after hunting through town for a new map of the area. We didn't find anything, but got directions to Flowery Trail Rd, which was mostly what we needed to know anyway. Flowery Trail was our last major climb of the tour; it went up to a 4020ft pass and ski area. The climb was great -- very steep, but nice views and a lot of curves which prevented you from seeing the road a mile or two ahead. At the top we ate lunch on the porch of a very nice ski vacation house and checked out the view of the valley that we just climbed out of. The descent started just after the pass and was the steepest that we had gone on yet (8% grade). Part of the descent was dirt/gravel, but luckily that portion was not as steep. Most of the descent was on new chipseal which will probably be paved before winter.

At Usk we stopped at a small bar/resturant and filled up on water. We took a bridge across the Pend Oreille river and took Le Clerc road most of the way into Newport (this is a much nicer and less trafficy approach than taking SR20). At one rest stop someone threw a half eaten sandwhich at Larry's head. One of the first anti-cyclist things to take place on the trip, and we both stood there dazed for a few minutes.

At Bead Lake Road we had our last climb of the day. We got into Samantha's (Larry's girlfriend) house on Bead Lake at about 6pm, just in time for dinner. It is beautiful here, and this is a great place to end the first part of our trip and to take a break for a couple of days.

Larry and I talked about the return trip. It looks like we are going to get dropped off at Easton Lake State Park, and then take the Iron Horse Trail from there into North Bend. From North Bend I'll head home into Seattle, and Larry will start heading south towards Olympia. I should be home by Friday evening... just in time to check out Bumbershoot.

Heading Home

We never did the Easton State Park to Seattle portion of our tour. While getting a car ride to Easton State Park we got into a small car accident outside of Spokane. No one was injured, but it took a lot of time to talk to the police and insurance companies. As a result we didn't make it to Easton State Park until fairly late, and Larry and I decided to call the trip done. We were looking for adventure and felt that we found it in our four day trip. The Iron Horse Trail will have to wait until another time.

The view from the top (we ate lunch looking at this view).

Larry checking out the scenery near our lunch stop.

Great scenery to check out while descending.

The end goal! Bead Lake.