Green Gear Tandem Two'sday

Picture of our tandem

This bike is FOR SALE. Check out the webpage with updated pictures, new component information, sizing, and price information.

Update: it was SOLD

This is a folding tandem which my wife and I purchased for use during our honeymoon (might sell it afterwords or might keep it for future trips, haven't decided yet). We bought it used, originally it was built by Green Gear for a 1995 review of the Tandem Two'sday by Bicycling magazine. The bike is quite different due to its very low frame and use of 20" wheels, but it rides very well. The gearing of this bike in particular is much different then the gearing of bikes with larger wheels.

When we originally bought this bike it had a much different drivetrain configuration. I moved it over to use a Sachs 3x7 hub to get increased gear range. The original bike is described in the old Tandem Two'sday webpage. I also wrote a short article comparing the Sachs 3x7 and triple chainring systems.

More information on how this bike folds and information on the current models can be found at Green Gear's website.

This bike has a custom 12-34 cassette. I built it by taking a stock Shimano 12-28 cassette and replacing the 28 with a 30. This gives a nice range, reasonably tight gearing on the low end of the cassette, and a nice bailout gear at the top.

Detailed information on some components:

A few other pictures (from the old configuration, but still mostly relavent):

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