Hope you weren't expecting tons of bandwidth-eating graphics, fancy sounds, or annoyingly-cute animations. Sure, I've got lots of pictures, but mostly plain old text, no massive scripts to bog down your machine, or fancy formatting that only works on one browser.

A one line summary: somewhat eccentric writer, marketing consultant, photographer, cyclist, father, tinkerer, gardener, amateur historian, and city councilman, perpetually working on the hundred-year-old home I share with my wife, three kids, three dogs, and four cats.

In a bit more depth:

  • Bicycles are one of my life's passions -- riding them, building them, etc. Ever want to braze your own bike frame? Want to stop driving every day and try biking to work? Need some ideas for good touring equipment? Looking for a good mail order catalog? Various ramblings of mine, plus a few other good cycling links.
  • Photography, is another one of my interests. Some references, a few links, and galleries of some of my pictures and a bit of information about how I made them.

  • A quick introduction to Josh Putnam

    In memoriam, Martha S. Putnam, 1932-2007

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