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This is a solar and bicycle-powered site; that is, solar panels supply the power for my laptops, and bicycles provide the necessary transportation.

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Bike Pages -- Philosophy expressed through a different kind of vehicle.  Many articles on bicycle travel and camping, including stories of my bike trips, cycling humor, bicycle traffic safety instructions, bicycling advocacy, the cyclist lifestyle, basic skills for cyclists, surveys and data, and links to many other bicycling sites.
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Analysis and Notes on Walden -- Henry Thoreau's Text with Adjacent Thoreauvian Commentary  Now finished!  Thoreau looked not only at the problems of his day but also into the future and thus his insights have become more relevant over time. His advice is to change the focus of one's life away from possessions and towards personal self-discovery and the enjoyment of Nature.
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The New World -- A group of people decided to create a new civilization which avoids the problems of the old. Includes simple living, organic gardening, T-groups, natural childbirth, progressive education, and lots of adventure.
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Writing Pages -- A selection of my writings going back over the years, including essays on education and the teaching of writing. Work is underway on a writing handbook.
My cabin, 1978
Ken's Cwm or Life in the Woods -- About my experiments with living close to Nature. Nothing ready to publish, but work is underway.

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