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Articles on bicycle camping (bikepacking) and touring, cycling health and fitness, bicycle safety in traffic, and bicycling advocacy, plus travelogues from eleven long bike trips, cycling humor, and cycling links.

(NOTE: Questions for this page cover some of the topics covered in the entire site.)

What is the purpose and content of Ken Kifer's Bike Pages? What is the cyclist's lifestyle? How can I prepare for bicycle touring or for a bicycle camping (bikepacking) trip? What is a long-distance cycling trip in the US like? Can cycling improve my health? Isn't bicycling too dangerous? How do I bicycle through traffic safely and avoid cycling accidents? How can I cope with dogs and weather? Is obeying the traffic laws necessary for bicycle safety? Is cycling good for the environment? Do cyclists have the right to use the roads? Aren't cyclists better off on cycling paths? Is there any humor in bicycling? Where can I find bicycle advocacy sites? Where can I find bicycle travelogues from around the world?


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Ken Kifer's Bike Pages

Purpose and Content

The purpose of Ken Kifer's Bike Pages is to share what I know about cycling and to encourage others to bicycle as well. All articles are written by me and reflect my knowledge and personal experience, not something someone else said. Although having a strong philosophical streak, these bike pages include practical cycling information, statistical analysis, personal accounts of long trips and local experiences, photos, and humor. I don't deny having a bias: I think that we should all waste less and consume less, learn to appreciate Nature more, take better care of our bodies, and adopt a less-stressful pace of life. I promote using a bicycle instead of a motor vehicle because doing so is kind to the environment, good for the body, and good for the psyche.

Help for Browsing this Site

I have expanded this information and moved it to a separate page. See the Help Page if you want advice about navigation or browser problems on this site.

Contacting Me

There are two mailboxes on every page (one near the top and one near the bottom) to provide a contact point. If you click on one of these links, the mail page will open (you may need to enlarge the window). Answer a few questions, type your message, and press submit. I will answer every polite message.

Cycling News and Tidbits

Since this page is the most visited page on the site, I have decided to add some news item or tidbit of thought fairly frequently. This will not have the same function as the What's New Page, where I inform readers about updates to this site. Appropriate material moved from this page goes into Newsletter Shorts.

Bicycling and Walking Miles for 2003

This year, I have given myself the goal of riding 6,000 miles or more (120 miles per week) and walking 600 miles (12 miles per week). I also decided to post my month results here to encourage others to bicycle and walk a lot of miles as well, as doing so is very good the health.

My results for the first three months are:

January, 440 miles bicycling, 58.5 miles walking.
February, 475 miles bicycling, 64.5 miles walking.
March, 609 miles bicycling, 69 miles walking.
April, 699 miles bicycling, 51 miles walking.
May, 1,813 miles bicycling, walking miles unknown.
June, 1,593 miles bicycling, walking miles unknown.

Maximum distance in one day bicycling: 105 miles, July 26.
Maximum distance in one day walking, 13 miles, June 27.

New Bicycling Advocacy Newslist Established

I felt that there was a need for a new Bicycling Advocacy Newslist, so I started one. The purpose is to discuss methods of promoting bicycle use and also to discuss the problems that discourage new cyclists. It's open to everyone, and our strongest policy is to be respectful of each other. Follow the above link if you are interested.


The Cyclist Lifestyle   It's a proven fact that cyclists don't put their pants on like everyone else. Read about the motives of a cyclist, the clothing and behavior of cyclists, old bikes, and a cyclist's attitude towards bike equipment.

Bike Commuting and Transportation   Why get stuck in traffic on your way to work and the gym, when you can get your exercise, save a bunch of money, help save the world, and have a good time instead?

Bicycle Camping and Touring   Bicycle touring is a great low-cost vacation and a wonderful adventure. Why suffer the boredom of a car trip when you can be a Don Quixote instead? Information on touring and bicycle camping, detailed first-hand accounts of touring trips in the US with great photos, and links to travelogues of other long-distance bike trips here and all around the world.

Cycling Health and Fitness   Bicycling provides health benefits that can prolong your life. Learn about healthy behavior, some of the changes your body will go through, and how to cope with the physical problems that cycling causes.

Bicycling Advocacy   Strong pressures have always existed to get bicycles off of the roads. Learn why cyclists have a right to use the roads and why they should be encouraged to do so.

Bicycle Traffic Safety   Although cyclists have the right to use the roadway, not all bike riders understand how to ride in traffic. Learn how to ride more safely and more responsibly.

Basic Skills for Cyclists  Before a cyclist can be free to bicycle anywhere, it is necessary to understand the basics of bicycle repair, bike handling, and traffic maneuvering. A guide to the little techniques.

Cycling Humor and Tales Bicyclists shouldn't take themselves seriously all the time. Here are some wacky stories, spoofs, and other displays of humor.

Bicycling Surveys and Statistics A look at information gathered about cyclists and cycling from surveys and studies.

Links to Other Bicycling Sites Alas! Everything good is not to be found on Ken Kifer's Bike Pages. Here are some links to other worthwhile sites with information about cycling or bicycles.


What Is New?   This page will show the additions and changes to this site, plus provide some site news (What Is New? is actually in the home directory, so it includes additions to other sections).

The Help Page   Information about the design of this site and help for finding materials within it.

Site Map for Ken Kifer's Bike Pages   All the URL's and descriptions on a single page, for those who would prefer to keep it simple.

Copyright Information   Every article on this site was written by me; every graphic and photo was made by me. My policy towards your using or quoting material from this site, a policy in keeping with copyright policy everywhere (this page was in Bike Pages, but has been moved to the Home directory).

Comments from Readers   Find out what others have been saying about this site since it opened.

For Webmasters Only   If you have a web site and wish to link to me or have me link to you, be sure to read this page.

Newsletter Shorts  Short articles written for the express purpose of publication in newsletters (NOTE: Do not use material from anywhere else).




Reviews of KKBP

Guardian Unlimited, the British newspaper/website provides a list of the ten best bicycling sites and includes KKBP.

Cadence 90 is a site that has reviews of bicycling websites along with other topics not usually mixed with cycling. This review is now in the archives.

Favorite Sites

Bicycling Life  The good news about bicycling.

Icebike Home Page If you want to ride your bike in the snow and to meet others who icebike also, here is the site to visit.

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle FAQ If you need advice about a hardware problem, this is the best place on the net to visit. There are also articles on touring and touring in France, humor, and various unusual topics and opinions. Over 70 articles in all.

 Bicycle Wire  was a good place to look for bicycle news, but it is no longer being updated. Let's hope the situation changes. In the meantime, a much smaller site, Velorution, is reporting some unusual and unconventional news. Give it a look.

OCBC Homepage The ONTARIO COALITION for BETTER CYCLING is an umbrella group of Ontario cycling organizations established to defend cyclists' rights and interests, and promote vehicular cycling education.

Biking Southeast Asia with Mr. Pumpy!   These witty accounts will prepare you well for your trip to Laos, Vietnam, Malayasia, Indonesia, or Thailand. If you will never get to go, you have an even stronger reason for reading them.

The Major Taylor Association Read about a forgotten cycling hero and legend.

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