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Welcome to my photo pages, definitely a work in progress. For many years I maintained my own web galleries for everything, but now I'm moving to the convenience of flickr, which allows all the annotation and tagging I used to do myself in HTML.

This page is mostly infrared landscape photographs and views of Vashon Island, plus some information about my favorite cameras, films, etc. Some of the falleries are here, the rest are links to flickr sets.


My Infrared Gallery has some of my favorite pictures exploiting the other-worldly characteristics of infrared photography. I started using IR films such as Kodak High Speed Infrared (HIE), Konica 750nm, and later Macophot IR820c infrared. More recently, I've tried various infrared digital cameras. My current favorite is the Fujifilm IS-1. It's an infrared-enabled camera marketed to forensic photographers, but it has interesting artistic applications, too. (If these pictures make you want to try IR, see the infrared photography information in the references section below.)

My Black-and-White Gallery is smaller than my IR gallery, even though I've shot far more non-IR black-and-white film than I have infrared. Some day I'll get around to organizing and scanning decades of negatives, but until then.... A mix of landscapes, still lifes, portraits, etc.

Some Views of Vashon and Maury Islands, where I was lucky enough to grow up and worked for many years. I've added this gallery mostly for fellow former Islanders who no longer get to enjoy the beauty of the island in person every day. If you like this gallery but don't see your favorite view, email me and let me know -- I still love taking pictures of the island.

Infrared References



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