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Four types of link pages: a link to bike link pages, a resources page for cyclists, a bicycle touring links page, and links to many bicycling sites.

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Links to Other Cycling Sites

Within the various directory and article pages, I have provided links to the most closely related pages and sites. However, there is much useful information about cycling and cycling-related topics on the web that has no close connection with any particular page. I want these cycling links to be a useful resource to help others find cycling information.

NOTE:  The purpose of this site is educational; therefore, I link directly only to sites with an educational purpose, with a few exceptions for one-of-a-kind resources. If you are interested in commerical products or services, check the search engines or the sites listed on the Links to Links page.

For those wishing to exchange links with me, be sure to read my webmaster's page first. For Webmasters Only

Links to Links Page: This page provides a useful list of sites with long lists of cycling links. Many of these sites contain other resources as well.

Bicycling Resources Page: This page provides sources of information about bicycling, touring, and cycling advocacy. It also contains some links to information related to bicycling but not usually dealing with cycling per se. This includes sites dealing with transportational, environmental, and health issues.

Bicycle Touring Links Page: This page contains bicycle travelogues of long-distance bicycle and camping trips. In order to be listed here, the site must have a well-written detailed account and/or many excellent photos of a self-supported trip (no accompanying motor vehicles and all equipment carried on the bike) that lasted a week or longer. This is my most popular page because I have been selective and because I provide a review.

Cycling Sites Which Link to Mine: This page contains all the sites that have linked to mine. It is divided into cycling club and organization websites, bicycle travel websites, other cycling sites, link sites, small sites, sites not in English, and commerical sites. This is a good page for browsing. If your site is not on this page, yet your site includes a link to kenkifer.com, be sure to let me know.


If my links don't help try these:

Google  Uses link information to define and rate pages. Highly successful searches.

FAST  The best site for exact word and link searches.

Altavista  An excellent site.

Hot Bot  Uses the Inktomi search engine.

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