Sew Your Own Cycling Jerseys and Shorts

The following notes grew out of a search for a good pattern for sewing a cycling jersey using non-lycra fabric. I'm not a great fan of lycra jerseys for touring, preferring a somewhat looser fit and a fabric that doesn't feel like a wet plastic bag after I sweat in it all day long. Wool is good for cold weather, and polyester for warmer conditions.

It seems so far that all the commercial cycling jersey patterns are designed for use with lycra, but there are alternatives available. Of the following options, I personally opted for no.2, modifying an existing non-lycra shirt pattern to make it work as a jersey. In my case, I started with a raglan shirt pattern I already had, and made several changes:

I should note I'm by no means an expert at sewing, so if I could manage this, I don't think most people should have too much trouble with it ;-)

Getting a Jersey Pattern

Since commercial cycling jersey patterns all seem to be designed for lycra fabrics, the options for sewing a non-lycra jersey are:

Getting a Shorts Pattern

Any place that has the jersey patterns listed above should also have shorts patterns from the same publishers. There are a variety of shorts patterns available, from four to eight panels, with or without drawstrings, etc.

Sources of patterns and materials:

Most fabric shops do not have an extensive selection of outdoor fabrics and sports patterns, so you may need to go mail order. Below are a few mail order shops that are known to have a decent selection of patterns, fabrics, etc.

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