A Brief Introduction to Brazing Steel Bicycle Frames

  • Bicycle Frame Design References Books and other sources of information on how to design a frame for a particular rider and use. The key to a perfect bike is designing it to fit your body and your riding style.
  • Braze-Ons: a comprehensive list of accessory braze-ons for any touring frame. You probably won't want all of them, but at least this will make it harder to forget one you do want.
  • An Introduction to Brazing, including book titles and manufacturers' addresses. Of all the ways to assemble a bicycle frame, brazing is the least expensive to get into and one of the most versatile, though it does limit you to ferrous frame materials.
  • Frame Building Supplies Both retail suppliers and wholesale suppliers of frame tubing, lugs, bottom brackets, and other parts for your frame. Retailers you can order from yourself; have your local shop get catalogs from the wholesalers.
  • Other Frame Building References

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