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Touring links sites or sites with at least one detailed travelogue, photolog, or travel advisory of a long (seven days or more), self-supported (no sag) bicycle touring trip; most include camping.
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Bicycle Touring Links Page

Don't forget to visit my own touring trips section, which includes ten touring trips all over Eastern and Central USA and Canada, plus detailed information about how you can make touring trips too. NOTE: This page is no longer receiving new sites. See the additional touring sites on the Sites Which Link to Mine Page: Bicycle Travel Section. Other touring resources are found on the Cycling Resources Page.

Allen Freeman's Home Page A very nice one-week beginner's tour from Connecticut to Lake Champlain, another week tour of Shennadoah Park and Valley and a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway, an 11-day circuit in Arizona and Utah, and several shorter trips, with photos.

Allan Nelson's Cycling Pages Contains a two-week tour of Italy (Tuscany and Umbria) with excellent photographs of the towns and topography and very clear maps. The site also contains some photos and information about cycling before WWII, the photos coming from Allan's father.

Bicycle Fish Grace Newhaven's cycling web site, rather than providing travelogues, provides useful traveling information for Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, and Japan. The information about Australia is very thorough. Many touring links.

Bicycle Touring: The Online Resource to Recreational Cycling  Bike travelogues by different travelers from Bali, Costa Rica, the Pyrenees, Provence, Alaska, England, Scotland, Ireland, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Tonga, Washington State to Israel, Montana to Alaska, the Santa Fe Trail, the Natchez Trace, and some reports of Adventure Cycling routes. No photos.

Bicycle Tours  This is a collection of links to bicycle tour travelogues (mostly trips made in Europe) gathered by Karl Brodowsky, who has included his own trips in the collection.

Bike Brats: Around the World with Two Pairs of Underwear Frederick Felman and Andrew Broan's trip around the world, with other trips. Travels across the US, in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, India, Mexico, Belize, and Puerto Rico. Includes galleries of photos, maps, and travelogues.

Bike Touring  Three long touring trips by Mark Boyd, one across the US to Asheville, N. C., and the other from Asheville to Eastern Canada and back, and a '99 trip from Asheville out to the Great Plains and back, plus local rides in North Carolina and Colorado.

Bike Tours by Thomas Driemeyer  Bike trips in Holland, France, Germany, Italy, and the US West Coast. While personal details of the trip are reported, the emphasis is on what you will see if you visit there. Includes new bicycle repair and maintenance guide with touring tips.

Biketrip.org's links to biking sites  In spite of the name and the inappropriate links to manufacturers, this is primarily a list of travelogs, many of which I haven't seen elsewhere.

Biking Southeast Asia with Mr. Pumpy!  Closer to tour guides than to travelogues, these witty accounts will prepare you well for your trip to Laos, Vietnam, Malayasia, Indonesia, or Thailand. You will never have an opportunity to go? Then you have an especially strong reason to read about Mr. Pumpy's trips! Good but small photos (click on the camera) and excellent graphics.

Blaine's Excellent Cross Canada Adventure  Noteworth novice account due to sparse, unflattering, straightforward account of trip difficulties from Vancouver to Vermillion Bay.

The Blue Camembert  Michael and Wendy traveled 6,000 kilometers (3,600 miles) together, from Vancouver to Ottawa, on a May-July trip, which included lots of rain and some snow. The account focuses on personal details and includes a road kill page.

Bob Kastigar's Bicycle Page   Includes a touring trip from Chicago to Bilouxi, one from San Fran to LA, and one from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells.

Brian Hedney's Bicycle Touring Website  Has information about cycling routes in Ontario, cycling in Cuba, and one trip from Victoria to Calgary, plus links to other trip reports.

Chuck Anderson, the Cycle Tourist  Detailed bike tours down the West Coast and across the middle of America plus shorter accounts from Italy, Austria, and Ireland.

Chuck's Touring Picture Album  A nice collection of pictures from Chuck Tharp from 19 years of touring.

Cycling Around the World  by Paul van Roekel & Anja de Graaf. Accounts and photos of cycling in many countries and also of a world tour. Also advice about making such a tour. Also, a new tour of Alaska. Strong photographic emphasis.

Dave & Babaks' Cross Country Bicycle Trip A photo-tour across America with maps, pictures, and descriptions of our 4,345 mile trip. Includes links to other resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and a list of people planning trips looking for companions.

David Dermott's Bicycle Stuff  One trip across Canada, made in two halves, two tours of Scandinavia, and information on bike routes in Nova Scotia.

Eric and Joan's Excellent World Trip  The account of a world tour, finished July 30, 1999. A very detailed account of the events of each day, mostly written while on the trip. The focus is not on bicycling, but the account explains the problems of a world trip very clearly.

Eric Mathurin's Travelogs  Bicycling Uganda is the story of a two week touring group trip without camping in a third world country, the cyclists riding on pavement, dirt, and grass paths. Complete details of conditions and events, including encounters with animals, and with good photos. Also, a month-long trip in Atlantic Canada.

Geoff Allsup's Bicycle and Bike Touring page  Includes a tour of most of the Adventure Cycling's Great Parks North route.

HumanPowered.org Here's a great site for finding and recording travelogs of human-powered trips. Includes a section for bicycle travelogs.

Ian Burn's Bike The World  A well-written account of Ian's around-the-world trip with good photos.

Jobst Brandt's Tour of the Alps Collection  Seven tours that Jobst made in the Alps in 1960 and 1992-97.

Joshua Putnam's Cycling Page Has an account of a cycling tour in Ireland, 13 days reported, and information about touring the North Cascades Highway, based mainly on a 6-day Escapes Tour, both with photos, information about making your own bicycle, and some miscellanious information and links.

Judy Colwell's Home Page   Trips of about two weeks in length in Ireland, Scotland, Alaska, and Montanta, plus some shorter rides, information about touring bikes and gear.

Kiwis Crossing USA  Two New Zeeland ladies cross the US in 1999 from Los Angeles to New York City, writing their chatty messages to the Touring List along the way.

Land's End -- John o'Groats  Ian and Steve decided to make the classical British trip from the bottom to top of their island. The account is short but concentrates on the kind of information other cyclists would like to know. Many photos.

A Long Bicycle Trip by Two Washington Men  Actually, this is a touring trip by a group of people following the route (approximately) that two men took a hundred years earlier. Accounts, maps, and photos of both trips.

ME Iceland Pages -- Michiel Erens has provided a site full of information about touring in Iceland plus links to many travelogues. He includes the accounts of his own trips as well.

Mike Bedard's Home Page  Mike has made 13 "credit-card" European tours, mostly in France, and has written accounts of four of them. He also offers some advice on touring.

Mike Vermeulen's Home Page  The accounts of nine bicycle tours, some much more detailed than others, of across the US, across Canada, the Netherlands, the Rockies, the West Coast, the East Coast, and Hawaii.

Minko's Homepage  Recumbent travel in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Britsh Columbia, Alaska, and the US Southwest, including the coast. Some reports are written in Dutch.

Myra's Bike Pages A 13 day tour of Oregon with photos, many accounts of one-day rides of all kinds, articles on equipment, lights, and cycling skills, including safety.

North America Bicycle Touring with Chris & April  Includes a winter trip from California to Ohio, a Southern California trip, and a FAQ on a trip from Ohio to Alaska to California, plus touring and mountain biking information. A photo galery is included.

North American Bicycle Journey Wade Anderson pedaled from Key West to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) on a mountain bike while pulling a trailer. The trip began on March 16, 1999 and finished on August 20, and reports were sent in as the trip progressed. With photographs.

Ocean to Ocean on Two Wheels  The story of two women's trip across the southern part of the US.

The Open Directory has a Rides and Tours page, which is mostly travelogues. Also, there are some other travelogues on the Personal Home Pages.

Patagonia 98 A trip by Erhad Kraus, starting at the tip of South America and traveling Northwestward, with some bus travel. Also advice about making such a trip. With photos and maps.

Paul Smee's "My Bicycle Page." Includes two one thousand mile trips from Land's End to John O'Groats (England), a week long trip in Britanny and Normanday (France), and a 700 mile dirt road trip in Montana (USA), plus some links, mostly to British cycling groups.

Rec Travel Library -- Bicycle Travel  A site with many travelogues from around the world.

The Ride from Start to Finish  Erin Garvin's mountain bike tour of the Western continental divide.

Robert Ashworth's Bike Touring section  Trips across the US and on the West Coast, starting in Washington state, advice on touring, and links to other sites.

South America Bicycle Touring Links  Micha Merz has made an excellent collection of links to travelogues of trips in South America. His own trip, Cycling the Transamazon Highway, is written in a simple, straight-forward, informative manner.

Tailwinds: Ed Noonan's Grand Adventures  Includes an Alaska - Florida trip, trips in the Great Lakes region, a trip to the Alps, and and accounts of a trip in Java by Tim Tan. Also has advice on touring and carrying a powerbook.

TomSwenson.com Contains a 17-day Seattle-San Fran trip, an 11-day rough road trip in Utah and Colorado (with sag), a nine-day loop from Washington DC to Shennadoah Park, down to James River, and back up the Shennadoah Valley, and to Washington, and a 12-day camping tour in Nova Scotia, a one-week tour of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park area, and a 14-day trip to Bryce, Zion and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, with photos.

Tom Revay's one week trip from Charlottesville to Williamburg and back.

Pete Jones, the Trackster Man, isn't long on words, so his trip accounts are very short, with a few excellent photos. To mend his ways, with his trip report of SE Asia, he includes an itinerary and map, info about villagers and vehicles, and other travel info and tips.

Trento Bike Pages   (Cycling in Europe) The Trento Bike Pages: bicycling itineraries in Europe and the Mediterranean, both on-road and off-road.

Travel to the Horizon  (was Travel-by-Cycle) Has a clickable map of the world with accounts of trips in many countries and worldwide information about bicycle travel.

Vilmar's Great Cycling Adventures  Includes a trip across the US along the Adventure Cycling (Bikecentenial) route in 1997 and a trip down the Pacific Coast in 1998. Very detailed, with emphasis on people, but also local information, cycling conditions, and Nature observations; R-rated language at times, with photos. Also includes "Tips and Tricks," a list of gear for cycling, and links to other sites.

Out There Living  Out There Living includes a mixture of hiking and cycling trips. Wendy and Jeff take turns writing, but their writing styles are similar: they provide careful details and nice descriptions with an intent of getting others to follow in their footprints, yet they are strictly honest about any problems they had. Cycling trips include Ireland, Washington State, Lake Champlain, and a short trip in Virginia. There are also cycling trips written by others, including an across-the-US attempt that got as far as Eastern Texas (from California).

Welcome to a Bicycle Traveller's Page!  by Thomas Schleicher. Includes a brief account of traveling in Canada (including the Demester Highway), a photo account of an Australian trip, and (in German only) a tour of Europe. Excellent photos throughout.

Yahoo Travelogues  A long list of touring travelogues.

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